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PoolsOnly.com really does charge less for shipping than most other online pool suppliers*. But how can this be?

Firstly, every online seller ships from one or two locations (perhaps three or four if they're really big) via one of several common shippers: UPS, FEDEX, DHL, USPS etc. Shippers charge a set fee based on weight, dimension and distance, so each seller elects to either include this shipping fee in their price (FREE SHIPPING!!) or add it to each item. In other words, there really is no such thing as "Free Shipping," and when we elect to include shipping in our price we prefer to use the term "Shipping Included."

So how can we charge less? Because unlike most other swimming pool web sites, PoolsOnly.com uses a network of wholesale distribution centers across the USA that often ship products on our behalf (thereby reducing shipping times and costs.) This means that our overall average shipping costs are lowered -- savings that are passed on to you. So here's the bottom line: Whether you're in Florida, Texas, California or anywhere in between, your order may be shipped from closer to your home than you think -- so you really can get it quicker and you really can pay less!

To figure shipping costs simply sign in (if your a returning customer) or register with your address if this is your first visit to PoolsOnly.com, then proceed to "Step 2" prior to payment. Remember than many common pool products (eg. pumps, heaters and filters) are heavy and pricey to ship, but these costs are more than offset by cheaper prices and zero sales tax (if you're located out of CA or have an invoice address out of CA.)

* Does not apply to international shipments, hazmat chemicals and freight items (freight is defined as items weighing more than 150 lbs or any item designated freight by UPS, Fedex or other shippers.)

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